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Effective as of: 3/1/2017
Brockport Federal Credit Union The Home For Your Savings 2017 Fee Schedule
General and Miscellaneous Fees
SmartTran Home BankingFreeFree
Close account open for less than 6 months$30.00$30.00
Faxing Services - per page$2.00$2.00
Certified Check (Member has checking)$5.00$5.00
Money orders$2.00$2.00
Address change - failure to notify BFCU$10.00$10.00
Duplicate Copy of statement mailed$10.00$10.00
Copy of cleared check free via online banking, in office$1.00$1.00
Copy of BFCU official check$5.00$5.00
Account History Printout (Free to seniors > 62 )$15.00$15.00
Non-US check collection item$25.00$25.00
Coin and currency exchanges - 5% of exchanged amountvariablevariable
Notary Fee-non-members$3.00n/a
Account Activity Fees
Non-sufficient funds - paid or returned $35.00$35.00
Overdraft charge$35.00$35.00
BFCU transfer to cover item(s) from savings$5.00$5.00
Regulation D Transfer Limit Violation$35.00$35.00
Check Cashing Fee (non-member)$10.00$10.00
Deposited item returned$15.00$15.00
Stop Payment on Share Draft or Electronic Payment$30.00$30.00
Protest Check$25.00$25.00
ATM Cash w/d's at Allpoint member locations-free--
ATM Cash w/d's at non-Allpoint member locations$3.00$3.00
Inactive account fee per month$10.00$10.00
Reissue lost debit card$5.00$5.00
Rush order of replacement card$25.00$25.00
Force activate card$1.00$1.00
Replacement PIN$1.00$1.00
Wire Transfer Incoming$15.00$15.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing$20.00$20.00
Non-member loan application fee$30.00$30.00
Member loan application not taken (approved for/not taken)$30.00$30.00
Late Payment Fee - Refer to Contract
Holiday skip payment program$30.00$30.00
Refinance BFCU loan$50.00$50.00
Gap Insurance$130.00$130.00